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Salty De Vito (Full Tracks)


Watch the video for "Cake Eaters Anonymous," and video diaries of the making of Salty De Vito's first studio album, recorded at world-class studio, Prairie Sun!

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The brain child of chief song writer, Jonathan Clegg, Salty De Vito emerged into the Bay Area alternative rock scene in 2010 as a six piece performance band/music production team. Lead by the sultry voice of female vocalist, Ali Field, Salty De Vito delivers a high energy Rock and Roll sound with heavy hitting grooves.

Fueled by the song writing collaborations of the Clegg/Field duo, Dane Steffy (guitar), and Lance Harrington (drums/Vocals), Salty De Vito is a cross-breed of alterna-rock, featuring strong songwriting and vocals – and best of all, lots of variety -- in which the band likes to appetizingly describe as, "a rock and roll cake with pop frosting."


Members include: Ali Field, vocals; Jonathan Clegg, acoustic guitarist; Dane Steffy, electric guitar/bass; Lance Harrington, drummer/vocals; Sean Robert Tate, lead guitar; Nathan Becker, rhythm guitar; Chris Farrell, bass/vocals; and Marco Salvaggio, electric guitarist and pianist.


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